It all started when I was a small child, and I drew a goldfish. Then my mom drew a fish – a better fish. At that point I knew I could do better. I began spending a lot of time drawing, and practicing and eventually painting. It really got me through my adolescent years, along with the companionship of my cat, Tinker.

I began sewing in my teenage years out of a desire to make a costume to wear to a Horrorpops show. Known for having go-go dancers, my girl friend and I thought it would be fun to make funky little bodices with skirts and tutus with fishnets. I mean I look back now and wonder WTF? but at the time, we were all about it. I was a ballet dancer since the age of 4, so I sort looked to this to compile the bodice and skirt, and borrow the tutu! I didn’t use a patter, I just winged it and somehow, it worked out.

Learning to use patterns and truly learning technical sewing came later on. I started to really care about the insides of a garment, the generally unhappiness I felt when clothes just didn’t fit right. I thought if I couldn’t buy it, I would have to make it my own damn self. Through a lot of blood sweat and tears I have come a long way, and I thought I would share my wins and woes of my handiwork.



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