My Merryweather Double Gauze Almada

First and fore most – welcome to my very first blog post! A long time coming, and several backlogging posts to come, I am here. I made it! A little late the the party, but anyone that knowns me knows, buts just how I roll.

More than a year ago, I made this Seamwork Mag Almada which is a kimono style robe. I made this as a sample for Quilt Market, and to promote my fabric collection, Merryweather. I actually just got this sample back from living at the fabric store as a display. Finally, this beauty can be put to use, making me ultra cozy, while sipping my morning coffee – the mug used is part of a Fireking set I found at the local antique mall, and happens to coordinate nicely.


Lets talk about this fabric for just a moment. If you haven’t worn double gauze, you’re seriously missing out. After just one wash, you have in your hands some of the coziest cotton you’ll ever want to cuddle. I made a tiered little western dress out of it, and its hard to feel like I am no secretly wearing pajamas (more on this in a later post!). The design of the fabric is my take on a mid century crosshatch print, but cute. Because I like cute. 🙂



Almada Flats
Almada Flats courtesy of Seamwork.

Sewing the Almada is a breeze and I would most definitely take this adventure again. I made a size 4, and the fit is great! The only adjustment I might make for practicality of a robe is to add some length, just in case I need to use with nothin’ underneath. This would also make a really amazing lounge robe out by the pool.


xoxo, Arleen

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